About Me



Hi, my name is Isabel Duffey, I am a self taught artist from Ayrshire.I have many interests with a love for photography and acrylic painting.i have been working with resin for three years now.I am a self taught artist learning everything I could from videos,I learned how to work with resin mostly trial and error .i watched endless YouTube videos,and with practice I gained confidence and became more skilled at creating resin art pieces .I work with different media and I am especially fond of  acrylic fluid painting it’s so organic and fluid art is so unique that every piece is different.I have been very privileged to visit some beautiful countries in the past that has where a lot of inspiration comes from .My love for the ocean has gave me so much inspiration to create beautiful seascapes .I have a love for photography many days I can be found on the beach looking for drift wood so use in my art work .