About Me

About me

Welcome to IDAC SOAP & CANDLES welcome to IDAC SOAP & CANDLES ,where nature meets luxury. Founded by myself isabel duffey , I am a passionate artisan based in the picturesque landscapes of Ayrshire Scotland . At IDAC

I Craft herbal body balms ,herbal lip balms , cold process & hot process soap , magnesium spray & lotion , beautiful hand crafted candles along with wax melts  with different essential oil to suit your room and mood .

Our Products

. Herbal Body Balms & Lip Balms :

indulge in the nourishing embrace of nature with our herbal – infused body balms , meticulously crafted to rejuvenate and replenish your skin .

. Cold process & Hot process soaps : Experience the purity of traditional soap making methods with our cold and hot process soaps , each bar infused with herbs and essential oils . Each bar infused with natural goodness with skin loving butters and oils .

. Magnesium spray & lotion : Discover the benefits of magnesium with our soothing spray & lotion , designed to ease tension and promote relaxation , it is said that it can help with restless legs ,I’ve tried this on my legs and got great results .
. Beautiful Candles & wax melts : illuminate your space with a warm glow with our hand poured candles and wax melts , each one with a different scent .

feel free to contact me for more information.