About Me

These beautiful pieces are from my summer collection

Hi, my name is Isabel Duffey, I am a self-taught artist from Ayrshire in Scotland. Welcome to my website. I work with lots of different mediums as I like to try different things, I love the way acrylic paints flow across the canvas, the way watercolours soak into the canvas and the way oil paints sit until you move the paint, they are all different.

I have started taking an interest in polymer clay jewellery designing my own collection .I work from home studio in Ayrshire and look forward to bring more creations to my collection .

welcome to my captivating world of Isabel duffey ,I am a Artist/ polymer clay jewellery maker based in the beautiful area of Ayrshire , Scotland I have a love for art ,travel photography, and the creative process,I pour my heart and soul into designing and crafting my unique pieces of jewellery that are meticulously created in my small studio .

feel free to contact me for more information.