About Me

Hi, my name is Isabel Duffey, I am a self-taught artist from Ayrshire in Scotland. Welcome to my website. I work with lots of different mediums as I like to try different things, I love the way acrylic paints flow across the canvas, the way watercolours soak into the canvas and the way oil paints sit until you move the paint, they are all different. As a young child I was always fascinated with perfume and the beautiful bottles that the perfumes came in.

I studied essential oils and aromatherapy in 1983 and loved the benefit I received from them, they helped me with depression and anxiety. To this day I still use my essential oils on a daily basis, I find them relaxing and uplifting. I incorporate them in my candles and find they burn well with different waxes. I started using them on my clients when I had a massage therapy clinic. My clients loved them, I tried many blends and saw good results with the essential oils I used. I started making candles, room scents and some body products a couple of years ago I was delighted to give them away to my friends and family to try out with great success. I started my candle company IDAC  Candle & Soap  Co and delighted to have made my first candle and wax melts., soaps . At Idac Candle Co all our wax melts and candles  & soaps are made in my purpose build studio in Ayrshire Scotland.

We only use plant base wax blended with 100% pure essential oils and the best fragrances on the market. All data information sheets are available on request.

All our products are vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

I am delighted to have received my cosmetic safety report that makes it legal to sell my soaps ,lip balms ,body balm ,baby balm I will be making these products and adding them to my website soon .

feel free to contact me for more information.