Idac candle co


Mandarin , clove & cinnamon scented candle .



Mandarin clove & cinnamon candle handmade in my studio in Ayrshire Scotland .this candle has got a beautiful citrus note with spicy notes . The candle has got a fresh winter fragrance and is suitable in any room .

Idac candle care

place candle on a level surface   Keep away from children and flammable materials.

before lighting trim off the wick to 5 mm or pull off the black soot if the candle has been burned before .
for best results burn for 3 hours then extinguish the candle and let cool down before lighting the candle again .
to extinguish the candle quickly dip wick into the wax .
do not blow out the candle, the wax can splatter and it is very hot .